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Hi there! We're a brawl clan, formed on June 27th, 2010. The clan has been abandoned for a while now. Just here to reminisce. -Sai
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 How to make Graphics.

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Spikes for my Friends

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PostSubject: How to make Graphics.   Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:32 pm

Since i am one of the most experienced or THE most experienced member in Bc in making graphics, I will try to explain and help you all in making sigs and such.

First off, either download Gimp GIMP IS FREE. I USE IT.
Or buy photoshop somehow, i don't know how or how much but it's in the 100's range. and i reccomand Gimp anyways.
Go to PlanetRenders for renders. Until you are good enough to make your own.

Now, by Graphics, i mean Signatures. Avitars. Images. Art. Ect...
A few examples made by me.


A signature is normally a image, with one or more renders and the name of someone.
I normally use 350x150 for sigs, But you should find what suits you best.


Normally the same, or have more height than width.
I don't make them much anymore but for xat it is normally around 50x50 or so.


I did not use any brushes, and even though you may not believe me, i created this from scratch. a pure black bg with nothing.
This is just to give you a idea of what i mean by art.

How to make a Sig

I advise you to have gimp open and have alreaddy found the render you want to use before you start.
  • File>New>Type the size of your sig, we will use 350x150>Ok

You can start out many ways, but this time lets go click the Blend tool on the toolbox. (type L to find it on toolbox)
Change the black and white squares on toolbox to whatever color you wish the Background to be.
Go down and click Shape on toolbox and chose the very bottom, it should say "Spiral CCW"
Now click the white rectangle you origenally made and hold it down, then let go somewhere else on it, preferably 1/3 away from where u last clicked.
It should have made a spiral like BG.
Now copy your render, and paste it on the BG you just made. (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V)
Click the big A on toolbox, or press T. Find the size and font of the text you want, type it in on the sig, and boom.
You have made your first sig. It's nothing special but you should feel proud because some people can't even do this much.

More Coming soon, Feel free to ask me for help on xat,aim, or skype. but no stupid questions please.

<-- Thanks to Death.
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How to make Graphics.
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